Repeater XR – Troubleshooting Guide

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The following is a problem troubleshooting guide for the JEFA Tech Repeater XR.  Find the problem you are having from the list below:

My repeater’s private WiFi network doesn’t show up anymore, but I do see a WiFi network called
Your AIRGATEWAY has reset to default settings and needs to be reprogrammed – see AIRGATEWAY PROGRAMMING

I see my repeater’s private WiFi network, but when I connect to it, I get an error message such as unable to obtain IP address, limited connectivity, Self Assigned IP or DHCP error
Your PICO has reset to default settings and needs to be reprogrammed – see PICO PROGRAMMING

None of the lights are lit on my PICO.  What’s wrong?
Check all of your cable connections and make sure that the cable from your PICO is connected to the port marked POE on your indoor unit.

When trying to connect to source WiFi, my signal strength bar on the Main tab shows a signal, then nothing, then signal, then nothing, over and over.
The PICO is trying over and over to connect to the source network, but the connection is being rejected due to an incorrect password.  Double check that you have entered the correct password for the source WiFi on the Wireless tab under Wireless Security.

When scanning for a source WiFi network, I am unable to select certain networks. They do not have the select dot to the left of their name.
You need to update your PICO’s firmware.  See PICO FIRMWARE INSTALLATION

I am not getting full speed out of my repeater.  When I connect directly to the source WiFi, I get a very fast connection, but through the repeater XR, it is only 1Mbps or less.

Two things to try to improve speeds:
1. You should update to the latest JEFA Tech provided stable firmware and configuration
See Repeater XR Firmware and Configuration Update

2. Advanced users: Use a fixed frequency channel with your AirGateway
See Change the AirGateway WiFi Channel XR and XR PLUS

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