JEFA Tech Managed WiFi for Campgrounds, Marinas, and Public Venues

Customers of campgrounds, marinas, and other public gathering places no longer hope to have easy to use and fast WiFi when they visit, they expect it!  A reliable WiFi system can make the difference in today's ever-connected customer choosing your location over another.

JEFA Tech has over 15 years experience in public WiFi Distribution.  JEFA Tech can design a WiFi distribution system that is easy to use and reliable for your customers and easy to manage for you.




An initial assessment and consultation can be done over the phone or via e-mail.  During this consult, we will need to gather the following information from you:

  • The address where you need service
  • An idea of your needs for coverage, i.e. - you have X amount of camper spots, or X amount of boat slips, etc.
  • The building or location where your Internet provider provides service, i.e. where is your Internet modem or router located
  • Identify any existing sites around the property that can serve as structures to mount "repeater" WiFi antennas
  • The level of Internet service you currently have.  This is typically measured in Mbps of down/up bandwidth.  If you don't know this, the name of your Internet provider will be helpful

Click here to send us information for your initial assessment and survey


Using the information provided in STEP 1, JEFA Tech experts will evaluate your property using Google Earth Satellite and Street Views and determine what equipment is needed to provide proper coverage.  A quote for the equipment, a site map, and details about the recommended installation will be provided.


Self Installation

All of the equipment we provide is designed for self-install.  We will be pre-configure and label everything for ease of installation before shipment to you.  No computer technical expertise is needed.  We handle the networking details and configuration, and you handle the physical installation.  In most cases, the installation can be handled by your property's maintenance staff or a local electrical or handyman contractor.  Installation of the equipment is similar to mounting outdoor lighting.  It involves mounting the equipment to support structures such as buildings or poles as outlined in the equipment recommendation and running the provided cabling to standard 110 Volt outlets to power the equipment.  We will work with you every step of the way to aid in the installation.  

Professional On-Site Installation

We can also provide a quote for on-site installation if requested.


Ongoing management of the equipment and support is necessary for success!  We offer various support levels from which you can choose:

BASIC: $99/year

  • JEFA Tech UniFi Cloud Management - provides you with easy web based access to monitor your system: see the status of all of your access points, who is connected, and how much bandwidth is being used
  • Training session on how to manage and use the system
  • On-call tech support via phone and e-mail for assistance with any equipment issues

MANAGED: Quoted per site

  • Includes everything in basic support, plus:
  • Proactive remote monitoring of the system by JEFA Tech to identify and resolve issues with your system such as offline access points, excessive bandwidth usage, and other signs of trouble that can hinder the efficiency and stability of the system
  • Expedited shipping on equipment replacement for hardware failures
  • Optional add-on: End User Support - We can provide you with a dedicated tech support number to give to your guests to contact us if they need help connecting to the system.

 Sampling of JEFA Tech WiFi Installations and Feedback