About JEFA Tech

What does JEFA mean? We get this question all the time!

J, E, F, and A are the initials of the family that originally founded the company. JEFA Tech remains a family owned small business today.

Josh, Emily, Faith, and A.J.

A.J. and Faith are the owners of the company and have active roles in management of the company and developing new products.  Emily and Josh have directly assisted the efforts at JEFA Tech in the past, and have now both completed college and are pursuing their own careers.

JEFA Tech has become a well known and trusted customer oriented company and growing employer. What started as the classic “working out of the basement” home business in 2003 is now located in a several thousand square foot facility. We are located in the state of Maryland and are a 100% American Owned company.

We specialize in custom made-to-order cable assemblies, the majority of which we manufacture in house at our Maryland facility.  We offer quality products and we’ll be here to help you when you need it.  We look forward to doing business with you!

A.J. Farmer
Founder and CEO
JEFA Tech, Inc.