Freight Collect Shipping Request

If placing an online order, please select and pay for shipping. After processing of this freight collect shipping request, your shipping charges will be refunded.

I request and authorize JEFA Tech to ship and bill all pending and future orders "freight collect" using my shipping carrier account:

Terms and Conditions:
When shipping on your UPS, FedEx, or other shipping carrier account, you are responsible for paying all shipping costs and are also responsible for all shipping risks. Any shipping charges that are reversed by the carrier and billed to JEFA Tech will be invoiced to you. JEFA Tech is not liable for any loss or damage of packages shipped on a receiver's carrier account. The responsibility transfers to the receiver beginning at the first package scan made by the carrier. JEFA Tech will declare the full value of all packages unless otherwise requested. JEFA Tech will provide all requested documentation to assist the receiver in making an insurance claim in the case of a lost or damaged package.

I have read and understand the terms and conditions