JEFA Tech On Site Installation

JEFA Tech offers on site installation in the Southern Maryland area. Contact us at 888-467-2258 or to inquire about installation options.

Public WiFi - Campgrounds, Restaurants, Bars, Entertainment Venues:
Offer WiFi to your customers and guests. JEFA Tech has over 15 years of experience installing and maintaining public access WiFi networks ranging from small meeting rooms to large multi-building complexes. If you are tired of your WiFi constantly being down or under-performing, call us. You can choose to provide free access, access by coupon, receipt from purchase, or paid access. After installation, we can handle monitoring of the WiFi system and support to your end users so you can concentrate on running your business and not have to worry about your WiFi.

Cellular Repeaters - Home or Business:
Is your home in a cellular dead spot? Do you need cell coverage in your basement? Building owners, do your tenants complain that they can't make critical phone calls due to no signal? JEFA Tech can install indoor cellular repeaters to provide full cell coverage, including 3G/4G data. We work with FCC certified equipment and meet all FCC and cellular repeater regulations.

Point to Point Wireless Links:
Do you need a high speed link between buildings? We provide design and installation of private, secure, network links to extend the LAN between buildings. Whether you are trying to connect an outbuilding on your rural property to share Internet or IP security cameras, or securely link office buildings for maximum transfer rate for your LAN, we have the expertise, equipment, and installation experience to provide a secure, reliable connection.

Internet by 4G:
We offer 4G Internet backup equipment and installation from Cradlepoint. If your business is Internet critical, we offer a backup connection solution which switches your Internet access to 4G cellular if your primary Internet goes offline. Some customers use this 4G connection as their primary Internet connection because cable and DSL is not avalilable at their location. Contact us for details.

Security Camera Surveillance:
JEFA Tech provides installation for wireless and wired security surveillance cameras. Whether you need one camera or 100, we have the design and installation experience to support you.

Installation services are generally available in the Southern Maryland area, however we do accept installation jobs outside of this area on a case by case basis. Contact us with your requirements.