Repeater XR – PICO Reset and Reload Instructions

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The following instructions describe how to reset and reload the configuration for your PICO outdoor WiFi receiver.  You should follow this procedure if you are having the following symptoms when using your JEFA Tech Repeater XR:

  • You can see your repeater’s private WiFi network, but when attempting to connect to it, you may receive an error message such as “unable to obtain IP address”, “limited connectivity”, “Self Assigned IP” or “DHCP error”
    • NOTE, your repeater’s private WiFi network may be named “jefatech-repeater” or it may be a custom name that you have given your repeater

You should first verify that your PICO is properly connected and powered on:

  1. Verify the black cable from your PICO is plugged into the port marked POE on your indoor AIRGATEWAY unit
  2. Verify that the bottom two lights on the PICO are lit.  The bottom light indicates it is getting power.  It should be steady on.  The second light up indicates an Ethernet cable link to the indoor unit.  It should be on and it may flicker.  If you aren’t getting these lights, check your cable connection between the PICO (outdoor unit) and AIRGATEWAY (indoor unit).

After verifying the above, disconnect from and reconnect to your repeater’s private WiFi network.  If you are still experiencing the same symptoms, you should reload the configuration of your PICO :

This procedure must be performed with a computer (Windows or MAC).  It is not possible to do this procedure with a smartphone or tablet.

  1. Download and save the PICO configuration file – click this link to download
  2. Disconnect all cables from the AIRGATEWAY (indoor unit)
  3. Separate the AIRGATEWAY from the POE injector by removing the wall mounting bracket and snapping the two pieces apart.  Set the AIRGATEWAY and wall mounting bracket aside for now.
  4. Connect the power to the POE Injector, and connect the black cable from the PICO to the port marked POE on the POE Injector
  5. Wait 30 seconds for the PICO to power up
  6. Using a paper clip, press and hold the reset button on the back of the POE Injector for 15 seconds and release
  7. Reassemble the POE Injector and AirGateway
  8. Connect to your repeater’s private WiFi network.  It may be named “jefatech-repeater” or it may be a custom name that you have given your repeater.
  9. Set your WiFi Network Interface to a static IP address of – click here for more detailed information -> WINDOWS  MAC OS X
  10. Open your web browser and go to – if this page will not display, double check you have set your static address correctly in step 3.
  11. Enter username: ubnt password: ubnt  Select your country, check the box to agree to terms, and click “Login”
  12. Click on the System Tab
  13. You will see an orange box stating that using a default Administrator password.  Click Dismiss
  14. Near the bottom right, look for “Upload Configuration”
  15. Click the “Choose File” button and select the “PICOM2.cfg” that you downloaded in step 1
  16. Click the “Upload” button
  17. At the top right, click “Apply”
  18. The update is now complete.  Close your web browser.
  19. Set your WiFi Network Interface back to a dynamic DHCP IP address – click here for more detailed information -> WINDOWS  MAC OS X
  20. You should now be able to use your Repeater XR as normal.  Try going to the configuration page at

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