JEFA Tech WiFi Repeater Comparison

The following is a comparison of JEFA Tech WiFi Repeater offerings that are suitable for RV, Boat, and Outbuilding Use.  WiFi Repeaters and Extenders designed for Home and Office use are also available but not included in this comparison.

Feature JEFA Tech WiFi Repeater Kit for RV's JEFA Tech Repeater XR
Cost $170.50
(8.5dBi Antenna, 20ft cable)
Release Date 2008 - mature product, improvements over the years, "tried and true" 2016 - newer hardware, newer technology, "latest and greatest"
Hardware Linksys WRT54GL 802.11b/g Ubiquiti PICOM2 802.11n
Cabling Low Loss 240 Flex 50 ohm coax - your choice of length 10ft - 50ft "No Loss" Outdoor Rated Shielded Cat5e - 50ft included
Firmware JEFA Tech Repeater Firmware Customized Ubiquiti AirOS Firmware*
Antenna Choice of Fiberglass 8.5dBi or 15dBi  6dBi Rubber Duck
Transmitter Power 100mW 630mW
WiFi Bands Single 2.4GHz Single 2.4GHz

Overall Gain

25dB (8.5dBi antenna, 20ft cable)
32dB (15dBi antenna, 20ft cable)

34dB (6dBi Rubber Duck Antenna)

Number of WiFi Radios

One - does double duty of receiving and re-transmitting using a passive outdoor antenna

Two - "Active" WiFi Receiver outside and separate Access Point inside
Can connect it to your own WiFi router inside your RV if you wish Yes Yes

Maximum Speed**


Range*** 8.5dBi Antenna - 2500ft
15dBi Antenna - 5000ft

Suitable for 100% metal enclosed RV's (Airstream)

Not recommended

Suitable for boats? Ok Best Option
Suitable for outbuildings such as remote workshop, garage, etc? No Yes

DC Power Option


Tech Support US based phone and e-mail US based phone and e-mail


* JEFA Tech Repeater Firmware for the Repeater XR will be available as a free upgrade at a future date.  JEFA Tech Repeater Firmware streamlines the setup process and makes the system easier to use

** Maximum speeds quoted are the maximum speed that the hardware is capable of.  You will be limited to the maximum speed that the Internet connection is able to provide.

*** Range figures are approximated and not guaranteed in all situations.  There are too many variables that can affect the range.  Maximum range requires a 100% clear line of sight with no obstructions to a strong WiFi source with an outdoor antenna. Neither system is suitable for picking up WiFi from inside a building from a mile away.