JEFA Tech WiFi Repeater XR PLUS



The XR PLUS is no longer available due to the primary hardware components being discontinued by the hardware manufacturer (Ubiquiti). This is unfortunate since this was such an excellent product. 

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Is this system still supported?

The system included a one year warranty from date of purchase and at this time all systems are out of warranty.  We will continue to provide basic setup and troubleshooting assistance as a courtesy to our valued customers, however we no longer have the main hardware components available for sale or for replacement.  We do have some accessories and replacement parts here.

Resources for owners of the JEFA Tech Repeater XR PLUS:

Download Instruction Manual

Replacement Parts and Accessories


Original product description for reference:

The JEFA Tech Repeater XR PLUS uses a long range outside antenna to relay the signal from a remote WiFi hotspot to provide Internet to all of your devices.  A great solution for strong and reliable WiFi coverage in your RV, Boat, or Outbuilding!

JEFA Tech XR Plus Repeater for RVs or Boats


  • Creates a personalized and private WiFi Hotspot for all of your devices
  • Utilizes a durable outside antenna to connect to the remote WiFi hotspot of your choice
  • Easy to configure and use with your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • No software to install
  • No antenna pointing required
  • Outside antenna can be set up temporarily or permanently mounted
  • Perfect for RV's, Boats, and Outbuildings such as workshops

THE REPEATER XR PLUS WIFI SOLUTION: An active, amplified antenna on the outside of your RV, Boat, or Outbuilding, with a clear "line of sight" to the WiFi signals around you feeds the WiFi signal into your inside WiFi access point which gives you your own personal WiFi hotspot for all of your devices. You connect just as you normally would with your device's built in WiFi. There is no software to install. It works with all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, Android) Multiple devices can connect to the repeater at one time allowing you to share the connection with your family or friends if you wish.

Everything you need is included:

  • Outdoor active durable fiberglass WiFi Antenna with amplifier
  • Indoor WiFi Access Point to provide WiFi to your devices
  • 50 Feet of "No Loss" Shielded Cat5e Outdoor Rated Cable
  • 120 VAC Power Supply (12 Volt DC options are available separately)
  • Flat Mount hardware including right angle adapter, clamp, stainless steel screws
  • Instruction Manual
  • USA based tech support via phone or e-mail
Setup and assembly in three easy steps:
  • Mount the active WiFi antenna outside
  • Route the cable inside to the AirGateway and plug into power
  • Connect to the Repeater's WiFi signal and follow the easy instructions to scan and connect

COMPATIBILITY / SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: There is no software to install. The repeater is 100% compatible with any WiFi device including laptops, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, WiFi Printers, Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, Chromecast, etc.  If it connects via WiFi, it will work!

DISTANCE / RANGE: This by far is the most commonly asked question. Can you connect to WiFi access points several miles away with this equipment? Yes, you absolutely can. However it is important to understand that there are many variables and conditions involved in order to get this kind of range. Most of the time these conditions are out of your control. Your optimal conditions will be that the source WiFi has an outdoor antenna with strong amplifier and there are little to no obstacles in between you and the source WiFi antenna. In this case, connections spanning miles are possible and realistic. When you start adding obstacles such as buildings or trees, the range quickly drops. Also, trying to connect to a "home" WiFi router inside a home or office building is difficult for any equipment (not just ours) due to the walls of the building blocking the signal. It is not realistic to expect to connect to a public WiFi hotspot inside a McDonald's or Starbucks from a mile away, for example.  A connection to a McDonald's, Starbucks, or similar would only be possible if you were parked in their parking lot.


THE PROBLEM WITH RV's: WiFi is a "line of sight" technology. The walls of your RV block the campground's WiFi signal from getting inside. There may be another RV parked next to you that blocks a direct line of sight to the campground's WiFi antenna. Portable devices also have relatively low power WiFi radios in them which make their range and ability to connect to a far away hotspot limited.

THE PROBLEM WITH BOATS: WiFi is a "line of sight" technology. Your boat is low on the water and in many cases your cabin is below the water line. WiFi signals will bounce off of the water and don't go underwater at all.  You also may be on the hook or mooring ball some distance from shore.  You need an antenna up on the deck or up on the mast where it can catch the WiFi signals from shore and give you maximum range.

THE PROBLEM WITH OUTBUILDINGS: WiFi is a "line of sight" technology. The walls of your outbuilding block your main building's WiFi signal from getting inside your outbuilding. It is first important to make sure your main building is getting a strong enough signal outside.  If you can get a usable signal outside your outbuilding, but not inside, this solution will work to bring it inside!  If your signal outside your outbuilding is not very strong, this solution may not be enough and you should contact us first so we can help you with the best solution.


  • One year hardware warranty
  • USA based tech support from JEFA Tech. Call or e-mail and we'll be happy to help you!


  • Outdoor 802.11n WiFi Bridge (28dBm + 5dBi antenna) 2.0W EIRP 65Mbps MCS 7 - 20Mhz
  • Indoor AirGateway 802.11n Access Point (18dBm + 5dBi antenna) 200mW EIRP 65Mbps MCS 7 - 20Mhz
  • Cabling - Outdoor Rated Shielded Cat5e with integrated ground wire

Mounting configurations for the outside antenna:


22" tall in upright configuration
Suitable for mounting to:

  • RV Ladder
  • Boat Mast / Stanchion
  • Side of Building
  • Temporary Pole

15" tall in flat mount configuration
Suitable for mounting to:

  • RV Roof
  • Boat Deck
  • Boat Hard Bimini Top


The JEFA Tech Repeater XR was introduced in 2015 and utilized an outdoor "PICO" unit that was in a hard plastic case and used a plastic "rubber duck" antenna".  The XR PLUS was introduced in 2018 as an updated version of the XR with an aluminum enclosed outdoor WiFi bridge and durable fiberglass antenna.  The XR PLUS also has vertical and flat mounting options whereas the XR was only easily mounted vertically.  The XR and XR PLUS are functionally the same.

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