Custom Cable Packaging, Labeling, Barcoding, Bundling

JEFA Tech can customize the cable packaging to meet your needs.  Available options include:

Custom Packaging, Labeling and Barcoding

JEFA Tech Custom Cable PackagingNormal packaging of cabling is sealed clear poly bagging for smaller assemblies, twist tie for medium size, and industrial black zip ties for larger cables.  All cables are tagged and barcoded using JEFA Tech internal tracking barcodes.  We can customize the packaging to meet your needs including custom clear or translucent bagging, white box packaging, custom labels with your internal part numbers, description and/or barcodes.

Custom Heat Shrink Labeling

JEFA Tech Custom Heat ShrinkWe offer custom heat shrink or durable labeling of each end of a cable.  Black text on white is generally recommended, although custom colors are also available.  By labeling each end of the cable, you will make it easier for installers to positively identify each cable in a bundle of cables so that the correct connections are made every time.  Example labels include "WiFi" "Cell" "800MHz" "C1" "GPS" - this can be anything that helps identify the cable to your installer.

Cable Bundling

JEFA Tech Cable BundlingCable bundling involves providing a single bundle of individual cables.  This makes it much easier to install cabling from point A to point B as a single bundle rather than many individual cables.  Each cable in the bundle is labeled to identify which cable you are working with end to end.



Other Options

Do you have a custom need not listed here?  We are always open to discussing custom solutions to meet your needs!  Please let us know your idea!

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