Will the WiFi Repeater repeat an iPhone hotspot signal?

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The JEFA Tech WiFi Repeater will repeat an iPhone (or iPad) Personal Hotspot. We have tested and confirmed this works. However, there are some special considerations and a specific procedure for reliable results:

You must configure the repeater using a device other than the iPhone. Since the iPhone is using its WiFi as part of the hotspot function, you can’t connect it to the repeater’s WiFi signal when the hotspot is enabled. That will disable the hotspot.

Connecting to the iPhone hotspot requires that the following procedure be followed exactly in order:
1. To configure the repeater, connect a device (other than your iPhone) to the repeater’s WiFi signal
2. Open the repeater control panel at and login
3. On the iPhone, go into Settings and enable the hotspot. If it is already enabled, disable it and enable it again.
4. On the repeater control panel, click on “Scan and Choose a WiFi Network to Repeat”
5. Select the iPhone hotspot signal
6. Enter the hotspot password. This is indicated on the hotspot configuration screen on the iPhone
7. Click Connect and follow the remaining prompts

In our internal testing, it sometimes takes more than one try to get a successful connection, so if it doesn’t work the first time, try the procedure again.

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