Trouble connecting to iPhone Personal Hotspot

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Symptom: You can connect the WiFi repeater to an iPhone Personal Hotspot on the first try.  However, if it disconnects, on every connection try after that it will not connect to the iPhone Personal Hotspot.

The following procedure works to get it reconnected:

1. Force disconnect the repeater.  On the main menu, select “Disconnect from Source WiFi (Stop Repeating)”.  After that is done, click the JEFA Tech logo at the top to get back to the main control panel.

2. On the iPhone, turn off the personal hotspot

3. Leave the iPhone Personal hotspot off for at least 1 minute.  I found this step was very important to clear the old connection!  If I did just an off/on, it didn’t allow the repeater to reconnect.

4. After about 1 minute, turn the iPhone Personal hotspot back on and make sure you don’t have a blue “device connected” indicator at the top.  This assumes the repeater is the only thing you are connecting to the iPhone.

5. On the repeater, go through the scan and choose process again, choosing the iPhone

In our testing, when doing this exact procedure, and specifically waiting about a minute after turning off the iPhone hotspot before turning it back on, we got consistent successful results.  There was only one time it did not connect on the first try, but clicking the “try the connection again” link on the unsuccessful page got it connected on that second try.

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