Repeater XR – Unable to select some networks

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PROBLEM: When scanning for a source WiFi network, you are unable to select certain networks.  They do not have the select dot to the left of their name.

This is caused by your PICO having a firmware version that does not allow you to connect to networks with outdated encryption types.  You need to install firmware version 5.5.11 to connect to these networks.  Firmware versions higher than 5.5.11 removed the ability to connect to networks that have outdated encryption such as WEP and WPA TKIP.  Although they are outdated, many public WiFi networks still use these encryption types.  If you have contact with anyone running such as network, recommend to them that they switch to WPA2-AES which is the most modern and secure encryption type available.

Here is how to install the 5.5.11 firmware so you can connect to these networks:

  1. Download PICO firmware 5.5.11 from this link
  2. Connect to your repeater’s private WiFi network.  It may be named “jefatech-repeater” or a custom name you have given it
  3. Open your web browser and go to the address
  4. Login using username admin and password admin
  5. Click the System tab
  6. Near the top right, click “upload firmware”.  Click “Choose File” and select the firmware file you downloaded in step one.  It is named PICO-FIRMWARE.bin
  7. Click the Upload button and then click “Update” in the blue bar at the top of the page
  8. Wait for the firmware update to complete

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