JEFA Tech Repeater XR Install with Cable Entry Plate - Customer Robert Johnson

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Customer Robert Johnson writes:

Got the antenna today and had it installed by tonight. Basically i drilled a hole in the roof and fished the Cat5 through it from inside the RV. I drilled 2 small holes on either side of the PICO and mount and put a #6 screw in them to keep it from possible coming off during travel. I did not want to smear sealant on it in case it ever has to be removed for some reason. I also used stainless steel screws on the mount since it is in the weather. Then I put self leveling sealant around all screws and the edges of the plates. I am really glad I bought the cable entry plate since it covers the hole in the roof much better and helps protect the cable.

Tomorrow I run everything on the  inside.

Robert used these two items for his install:

Single Cable Entry Plate - CE1000 - This allows you to easily install your cable through the roof of the RV without having to remove the connector.  It provides a secure mounting and the ability to fully seal the roof penetration.

7dBi Rubber Duck Antenna - RPSMA - This antenna has a 90 degree knuckle which allows you to mount the outdoor XR antenna flat to the RV roof but still have a vertical antenna. It also has a higher gain rating than the stock antenna.

This is an excellent way to do a permanent install on the roof of an RV.  Note that the cabling is exiting both the XR and the entry plate towards the rear of the RV.  This prevents wind or rain from forcefully entering when driving down the road.

Thank you for the pictures and information Robert!


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