How to set a static IP address for device programming – MAC OS X

Posted by A.J. Farmer on

The following article describes how to set a static IP address of in MAC OS X to apply programming to the JEFA Tech Repeater XR.

  1. From the Apple Menu, select System Preferences
  2. Select Network
  3. From the sidebar on the left, select your WiFi interface
  4. At the bottom right, click the Advanced button
  5. Select TCP/IP.
  6. For “Configure IPv4”, select “Manually”
  7. In the IPv4 Address box, enter and in the Subnet Mask box, enter   You an leave the remaining boxes blank
  8. Click OK
  9. Click Apply

After you are done programming your device, you will follow the same steps above, but at step 6, change “Configure IPv4” to “Using DHCP”.  This puts you back at normal everyday operation.

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