Connecting a Streaming Video Player to the Repeater – Roku AppleTV BluRay Netflix SmartTV

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Question: Will the JEFA Tech WiFi Repeater work with streaming video players such as a Roku, AppleTV, or a WiFi enabled BluRay player or SmartTV?

The repeater will work fine with Streaming Video players and any other device you have that would connect to a WiFi network. The repeater creates your own private WiFi network in your RV that you can connect any WiFi enabled device. You can also connect devices via an Ethernet cable if that is more convenient. The repeater works in the same manner as your home WiFi router with the main difference being that it gets its Internet connection from a WiFi source instead of a Cable or DSL modem.

It is highly recommended that you connect any video streaming devices to the repeater via an Ethernet cable instead of over WiFi. That will guarantee the best bandwidth available for streaming video.

Regarding streaming, that is going to depend on the quality of the WiFi at the campground. Some campgrounds are well equipped with a proper WiFi network setup and fast cable based Internet connection and you should have no problem there. Other campgrounds may be off the beaten path and use Satellite based Internet because that is all that is available. Or some campgrounds just have a simple WiFi router in their main office instead of outside antennas around the park. In those cases, the streaming would probably not work well if at all. The repeater will be up to the job of streaming but the unknown will be what you have to work with at the campground.

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