Change the AirGateway WiFi Channel – XR and XR PLUS

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With the XR and XR PLUS, by default, the WiFi channel of your private network is set automatically.  It should automatically set itself to a different channel than the remote WiFi your repeater is connected to in order to avoid interference.  However, if it is not automatically changing or if you want to manually set it to a specific channel, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Connect to your private WiFi repeater network
  • Login to the AirGateway at  (note is it 2, not 1)
    • default username admin password admin
  • Click on the Wireless tab
  • Change the Configuration mode from Simple to Advanced
  • Change the Frequency Mhz from Auto to the Frequency Channel of your choice
    • 2412 = Channel 1
    • 2417 = Channel 2
    • 2422 = Channel 3
    • 2427 = Channel 4
    • 2432 = Channel 5
    • 2437 = Channel 6
    • 2442 = Channel 7
    • 2447 = Channel 8
    • 2452 = Channel 9
    • 2457 = Channel 10
    • 2462 = Channel 11
  • At the bottom right, click “Change”
  • At the top right, click “Apply”
  • Allow 30 seconds for the change to take effect, then reconnect to your private WiFi repeater network

Additional tip: When you scan for a wireless network (at, make a note on the scan results page the frequency of the remote source AP.  Once you are connected, go into the AirGateway and choose a frequency OTHER than what the source one is using, preferably one that is 3 channels or more away from the source frequency.  That will keep your outside antenna from contending with your AirGateway for use of the frequency and generally will give you better speeds.

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