JEFA Tech WiFi Installations and Customer Feedback

JEFA Tech has been in the WiFi business since 2003.  Here is a sampling of JEFA Tech's WiFi installations and customer feedback:

Solomons Yachting Center, Solomons, MD

Customer Since: 2016

Offering over 100 slips to transients of the Chesapeake Bay.  JEFA Tech provided turnkey design, installation and management of access points providing coverage of the entire property.

"Extremely professional service, always on call and resolves matters quickly. High quality products. Beyond exceptional customer service. Highly recommended." - Ashley Abell, Property Manager

Harbor Island Marina, Solomons, MD

Customer Since: 2016

Full Service marina in Solomons, MD servicing locals, transients, and charter boats in the Chesapeake Bay.  JEFA Tech provided turnkey design, installation and management of access points providing coverage of the entire property.

"A.J. Farmer of JEFA Tech, Inc. installed a WiFi system at our marina in the Spring of 2016.  The installation has worked flawlessly ever since and was relatively inexpensive.  A.J. is responsive to any requests or concerns that we had.  Recently, I had him install a WiFi inside our office building, which also works great.  I highly recommend JEFA Tech for providing for any business/commercial WiFi needs. - Leonard J. Schultz, President - Harbor Island Marina, Inc."

Country Bumpkins, Lincoln, NH

Customer Since: 2011

Country Bumpkins Family Campground in the White Mountains of New Hampshire offers 67 RV and Tent sites and 6 cabins.  JEFA Tech assisted Country Bumpkins with WiFi product selection and pre-configured equipment for installation by their staff.

"To Whom it may concern,
        We have been a loyal customer of Jefa Tech products for quite a few years now. We have a small campground with cabin rentals that covers almost 6 acres. We had originally purchased one antenna to serve about 3.5 acres and it served us well for a long time. Once we expanded to the 6 acres, we required just one repeater which was more than sufficient. Overall our experience with Jefa Tech’s products and customer serve has been exceptional! Very helpful customer service is hard to find today but we have never worried about calling their tech support. They have been helpful. Their products are very easy to set up. This last time when we purchased a new antenna and the repeater, everything came preprogrammed. It was literally just plug in and ready to use. I would easily recommend them to anyone interested in these type of products. -Amy Boris, Country Bumpkins Campground, Lincoln, NH"

Hughesville Volunteer Fire Department and EMS

Customer Since: 2016

Hughesville VFDEMS provides fire and EMS service for the Hughesville community.  JEFA Tech designed, installed, and manages the WiFi providing a secure private network for staff and isolated Internet only guest network.  There are 11 access points on the property providing full dual band WiFi coverage in a difficult RF environment due to the hardened block and rebar interior construction of the building.

Indian Springs Campground, Hickory, NC

Customer Since: 2012

Located in Hickory, NC, Indian Springs is a cozy 20 site campground near the blue ridge parkway.  JEFA Tech assisted with WiFi product selection and pre-configured equipment for installation by their staff.

"I would highly recommend  AJ Farmer for internet setup. I own Indian Springs campground in Hickory North Carolina and have been using his business approximately 10 years. He is very knowledgeable and was able to get our Campground up and running for all my customers. I purchase products from AJ and he programs them for us. Very happy with customer relations great to work with. Happy  Camping! - Genia with Indian Springs Campground."

Performance Plus Tire, CA

Customer Since: 2015

Located in Southern California, Performance Plus Tire specializes the sales and installation of performance wheel and tire packages.  JEFA Tech worked closely with PPT to design WiFi coverage for their office spaces, installation bays, guest waiting areas, and also WiFi coverage inside 13 Connex Box shipping containers that are used for inventory storage.  The WiFi coverage within the shipping containers allowed staff to use WiFi enabled handheld scanners for inventory counts within the containers.  The system was pre-configured and shipped to PPT for installation by a local subcontractor.  Full installation support and remote management provided by JEFA Tech.

"JEFA Tech has been exceptionally helpful to me on two different projects.  My first project was a project that for them was easy but one that I found difficult to figure out.  The second was a big project to provide Wi-Fi across our entire business property.  There were some unusual challenges that they figured out and they provided me with installation support every step of the way and have been there when I had post installation questions.  Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable… everything we needed."

Barksdale AFB FamCamp, LA

Customer Since: 2017

Located within Barksdale Air Force Base, LA, the Famcamp provides 54 camping spots for active duty and retired military and their guests.  JEFA Tech worked closely with their I.T. site manager to design and implement a solution to provide WiFi coverage for the entire Famcamp.  JEFA Tech pre-configured the devices for local installation by the Famcamp staff and provided installation support and management.

Pine Park RV, Broadalbin, NY

25 space RV Park in Broadalbin, NY.  JEFA Tech assisted with WiFi product selection and pre-configured equipment for installation by their staff.

"Dear Mr. Farmer, I would like to thank you for your assistance to me in developing a plan to install a new Wi-Fi system for the Pine Park Campground in Broadalbin, New York. Your assistance was invaluable in making the system work and making the installation simplified so that no specific technical support was required by your office or a local computer expert.

I was able to have our small system up running the day Spectrum installed their modem, and which I completed the next day. Our guests were very happy with the connection to the web and it helped the owner of the campground increase his occupancy of the campground.

Our confidence in your system is such that I expect to add even more coverage to a new area that we are expanding to, including the office.
Sincerely, Leland F. Hulbert"