JEFA Tech Volume Discount Program

To meet the needs of OEM’s, Integrators, and large quantity purchasers, JEFA Tech offers a discount program which is based on total dollar amount purchased. There are four pricing levels:

Retail: This is the default level for standard customers
Level 1: Qualification is based on reaching $1,000 in combined total purchases
Level 2: Qualification is based on reaching $5,000 in combined total purchases
Level 3: Qualification is based on reaching $20,000 in combined total purchases

Once you reach a certain level, you will remain at that level. There are no monthly or quarterly purchase requirements to remain qualified.

Terms and Conditions:
  • Acceptance into the volume discount program is at the discretion of JEFA Tech. See further information below for application details.
  • Individual product prices are subject to fluctuation based on market value.
  • You are responsible for all shipping charges. For example, free shipping promotions that would apply to customers at the retail level do not apply to customers that are at a discount level. We offer to ship freight collect on your UPS account if you prefer.
  • Qualification for the next level may not always be recognized immediately. If you feel you may qualify for the next level, let us know and we will review your account. Otherwise, accounts are reviewed on a regular basis and will be updated to the next level when this is recognized.
  • Once you have been placed into a higher level, it applies to new orders and is not retroactive.
  • To place an order and have the proper pricing applied, you will need to call it in to 888-467-2258 or e-mail a purchase order to Volume level purchases are not currently available via our website.
  • You may qualify for the next pricing level by placing a blanket PO with a delivery schedule over weeks or months.
  • Pricing is subject to change due to market conditions.
  • JEFA Tech reserves the right to modify and/or cancel this program at any time.
Qualification and Application:
To apply for the volume discount program, e-mail Please include in your e-mail the name of the company, contact information, a brief description of the business you are engaged in, and your sales channels (Website, eBay, Amazon, Local Brick & Mortar, etc).