Services and Ubiquiti Support

JEFA Tech offers Ubiquiti Device Configuration and Support - EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T PURCHASE YOUR DEVICE FROM US!

Are you over your head or frustrated with your Ubiquiti devices? We occasionally receive calls of frustration from customers that purchased their Ubiquiti device from another source and are stuck without it working properly and without any support. We are happy to help! We offer Ubiquiti device configuration and support, even if you did not purchase the device from us! Here is what we offer:

UBIQUITI DEVICE CONFIGURATION (CUSTOMER OWNED): $40/device (does not apply to UNIFI devices, see below)
Let us know what you are trying to accomplish and we provide a network design and configuration files for all of your devices to make that design happen - rock solid reliable. Included in this service is a detailed network diagram, configuration files for all of your devices, and one year of configuration technical support for the devices. If you are interested in this service, Contact us at 888-467-2258 or with your requirements.

UBIQUITI DEVICE CONFIGURATION (Purchased from JEFA Tech): $20/device (does not apply to UNIFI devices, see below)
This is the same service as above, but discounted when you purchase your Ubiquiti Device from JEFA Tech. We will also pre-load the configuration on your device and professionally label it before we ship it to you so that all you have to do is plug it in! You also receive hardware warranty support when purchased from us. If the device fails, we will handle the warranty replacement. You can purchase this service online at the time of purchase by adding DEVICECONFIG to your shopping cart.

UniFi is a WiFi Management solution created by Ubiquiti Networks. With our cloud based UniFi Controller, JEFA Tech handles management of the UniFi Management Controller server so you can concentrate on management of your WiFi network. You do not need to install any software and can manage your network from anywhere you have an Internet connection via your web browser. JEFA Tech also provides configuration and troubleshooting services for UniFi UAP devices for a nominal charge.

Contact us at 888-467-2258 or for details.