JEFA Tech Repeater DD-WRT to JEFA Tech Firmware Update

If you purchased a JEFA Tech Repeater Unit prior to March 2011, you have the "1.x - DD-WRT" Firmware. This firmware is identified by the "" logo at the top left when you are logged into the repeater control panel at

Version 1.x - DD-WRT Firmware looks like this:

JEFA Tech offers a free upgrade to JEFA Tech firmware "version 2.x" for qualifying units. This firmware was developed in house at JEFA Tech and is easier to use than the DD-WRT version.

If you have a JEFA Tech logo at the top of your page when logged in at then you already have the latest JEFA Tech firmware.  JEFA Tech firmware looks like this:

If you have DD-WRT firmware, to obtain the JEFA Tech Repeater Firmware version 2.x update, e-mail with the MAC and S/N from the label under your repeater unit.  You will also need to confirm proof of purchase from JEFA Tech.  Typically the name or e-mail address of the original purchaser is sufficient to confirm proof of purchase.