7dBi Micro Mag Mount Antenna for 802.11b/g/n - RPSMA - 6.5 ft cable

  • $12.95


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RP-SMA Male Connector

The MM24-7 is a high performance micro mag mount wireless antenna designed for indoor or outdoor use. This antenna can be used on the roof of a vehicle to for a dramatic increase in range!

The antenna comes with a 6.5 foot long low loss integrated cable with an RP-SMA connector already attached.

Specific applications:
  • JEFA Tech Repeater XR - mount your XR PICO WiFi receiver inside your vehicle and place the antenna outside on the metal roof. If you do not have a metal roof, such as an RV with rubber or fiberglass roof, you can attach a 6" diameter piece of sheet metal to the roof and then mount this antenna on top.

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