Single Cable Entry Plate - JEFA Tech Repeater cabling - JEFA Tech XR PLUS

Single Cable Entry Plate

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Weatherproof roof entry plate for 1/4" inch diameter cabling. Fully compatible with LL240 JEFA Tech Repeater cabling, Shielded Cat5e cabling, JEFA Tech Repeater XR and XR PLUS cabling.

This plate allows you to permanently install cabling through an RV roof without having to remove and re-install the connectors on the cable. Using this cable entry plate will allow you to fully seal the hole made in the RV roof. The cable is fully immobilized by the plate which maintains the seal and protects the integrity of the roof.

  • Drill hole in roof large enough to accommodate cable with connector attached
  • Install cable through the hole
  • Apply appropriate roof sealant around the hole and area where plate will be installed
  • Place plate over the cable and hole, with the cable exit facing the rear of the vehicle
  • Screw plate to roof using supplied screws
  • Apply additional sealant around the edges of the plate and over top of each screw head

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