Is JEFA Tech coax Plenum Rated?

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JEFA Tech brand coax is not plenum rated.  However, we have plenum and low smoke rated cable available through partnerships with other manufacturers such as Times Microwave and Commscope.  We provide full cable assembly production of plenum cabling as well as raw cable by the foot.

Be aware that plenum rated cable is significantly more expensive so it is quoted on an as requested basis. Contact us with your cable requirements including type of cable, length and connectors needed and we are happy to provide a quote.

What is a plenum and why do you need plenum rated cable?

A plenum is a space in an HVAC system that provides heated or cooled air to an occupied space.  This may be ductwork or the open space above a drop ceiling in a commercial building.  If you plan to install coax cable inside ductwork or an open plenum air handling space, you will likely need plenum rated cable in order to meet electrical and safety code.  Plenum and low smoke rated cable will not smolder and create smoke in the case of a fire, protecting the safety of the occupants as they attempt to exit the building.

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