Do standard PL-259’s fit JEFA Tech coax?

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Yes! PL-259 connectors fit our LL400, LL400-FLEX, and RG-213 cable No special adapters or tools are required other than a soldering iron.

For LL195 or RG-58 type cable, you will need this reducer for a proper fit:

For LL240FLEX or RG-8X type cable you will need this reducer for a proper fit:


UHF Male crimp type PL-259’s, also known as a hybrid connectors, are superior to traditional PL-259 connectors.  The center pin is soldered and the outer braid is crimped between the ferrule and body of the connector providing a much more robust and consistent flow of RF energy to the connector compared to a randomly soldered and twisted on PL-259.

A hex crimper is required for the outer ferrule:

UHF Male for LL400, LL400FLEX, RG-8, RG-213:

UHF Male for LL240FLEX, RG-8X:

UHF Male for LL195, RG-58

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