WiFi Repeater for RV's (Gen1) Troubleshooting Guide

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Is this system still supported?
The system included a one year warranty from date of purchase and at this time all systems are out of warranty.  This system was discontinued in 2017.  We no longer have any main repeater units (blue box) available for sale, production has been discontinued and we no longer have any remaining in stock.  We offer replacement parts for purchase here

We will continue to provide basic setup and troubleshooting assistance as a courtesy to our valued customers, however be aware the system is now outdated and not compatible with many newer WiFi signals and protocols.  

Download Instruction Manual

Basic setup and Troubleshooting:

I can't pull up

You must be connected to your repeater's WiFi network to pull up   Make sure you are connected to your repeater's WiFi network (even if it is not connected to the Internet) and then you will be able to open

I forgot my repeater's WiFi password

Perform a full reset. With the unit powered on, hold down the reset button on the back of the unit for 15 seconds then release. You will see the status light flashing between white and orange. After a few minutes, the reset will finish and you will see the jefatech-repeater-setup  network re-appear in your wireless network list. After this happens, connect to “jefatech-repeater-setup” and go to in your web browser.  You will be prompted to set it up the same way you did when you first received the unit.

I have reset and I don't know the activation code required for setup

Contact support and provide the S/N and MAC from the label on the bottom of the unit.  We will provide you with the activation code for your unit.

I have reset the unit, but I still can't connect to jefatech-repeater-setup

Try connecting with a different computer or device.  If you can't connect with multiple devices, the unit may have suffered a hardware failure.

I connected to jefatech-repeater-setup, did the initial setup, and now it rejects my connection.  I can't connect to the new WiFi network that I set up on the repeater.

Try unplugging power from the repeater, wait 15 seconds, plug it back in, wait 1 minute for it to boot up and try again.  If you still can't connect, do another hard reset and when setting up make sure you are creating a password that is 8 or more characters.  Some older repeater firmware would allow you to create a password less than 8 characters which will cause you to not be able to connect.

The repeater is not picking up the WiFi network that I want it to connect to even though I see it on my phone, tablet, or laptop.

The WiFi network may be a newer 5GHz WiFi network and the repeater will only pick up 2.4GHz WiFi network signals.  This is a limitation of the hardware.

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