Repeater XR – How To MAC Address Clone

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This article applies to the Repeater XR and XR Plus

MAC Address Cloning allows your repeater to present itself to the source WiFi network as if it were one of your personal devices directly connecting to the source WiFi.  This masks that you are connecting with a repeater.

On some networks, MAC address filters are used to prevent certain types of devices from using the network.  If you can connect directly to a network with a smartphone or computer, but not your repeater, then it is possible the network operator is MAC filtering and not allowing repeater type devices to connect.  To get around this, you can set up the repeater to clone the MAC address of your device which is allowed on the network.  Here’s how:

  1. If possible connect the device you want to clone directly to the WiFi signal of the WiFi network you are trying to repeat and accept any terms and conditions page, and make sure you are online
  2. Disconnect and “Forget” the WiFi network on this device – this step is very important so that you don’t have both devices connected to the source WiFi network at the same time
  3. Connect to your Repeater’s WiFi signal with the same device you are going to clone
  4. Log into your Repeater XR control panel at
  5. Click on the Main Tab
  6. At the bottom right, click on DHCP Leases – this will let you find the MAC address of your device that you want to clone
  7. Copy the MAC address to clone by highlighting and copy.  Or write it down if it is easier.  Note that a 0 is always a zero (not O).
  8. Click the Network Tab
  9. Check the box to enable “MAC Address Cloning” and paste or type the MAC address you copied into the “MAC Address” box
  10. At the bottom right, click “Change”
  11. At the top right, click “Apply”
  12. Wait 30 seconds for the XR to connect.  You can verify the connection on the Main tab
  13. Note that after you have enabled cloning, if you connect the device that you have cloned directly to the source WiFi again, it will knock the XR offline.  This is because every MAC address on the network must be unique.

What is a MAC Address?
MAC stands for “Media Access Control”.  It has nothing to do with Macintosh computers.  MAC Addresses are like electronic serial numbers and every network device has a unique MAC address.  MAC addresses are a hard coded part of your hardware and does not change.  A MAC address consists 12 hexidecimal characters typically in this format: 00:01:AE:45:23:45  The first six characters identify the device manufacturer.  The last six characters are unique to the specific device.  Depending on this combination and the manufacturer, further information can be derived from the MAC Address such as what type of device it is (a smartphone, a laptop, a router, a repeater).

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