I used to be connected to the Repeater’s WiFi signal, but now it won’t let me connect

Posted by A.J. Farmer on

If you were previously connected to the repeater but now it won’t let you connect, making your device “Forget” the saved settings for the repeater and then reconnecting will usually fix it.  Sometimes you get an error message such as “Can not connect to WiFi network” or “the settings saved for this network do not match” or similar.

Here is how to Forget and reconnect to a WiFi network:

In Windows 10
Open settings – easiest way is to type “settings” in the search box at the bottom left
Choose Network & Internet
Choose WiFi
Choose Manage Wi-Fi Settings
Select the WiFi network you want to forget and click “Forget”

On an iPhone or iPad:
Go to the settings App
Choose WiFi
Press the (i) button next to the network to forget
Choose “Forget”

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