JEFA Tech Outdoor WiFi Extender

JEFA Tech Outdoor WiFi Extender

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The JEFA Tech Outdoor WiFi Extender provides a strong outdoor WiFi signal so you can use your tablet, phone, laptop, or any other WiFi device outside. It is compatible with all makes and models of Internet routers with an available LAN Ethernet port.

Do you have an Internet connection in your home or business but need better outdoor WiFi coverage? The JEFA Tech Outdoor WiFi Extender is the best solution available.


  • System includes long range outdoor rated 802.11n WiFi Access Point, power supply, cabling and mount
  • Connects to any modem or router with an available LAN Ethernet port
  • Pre-configured, easy to set up without networking knowledge
  • Compact outdoor unit is not an eyesore
  • Provides 2000+ SQ FT of Outdoor WiFi Coverage
  • One year warranty and full support provided by JEFA Tech

Q: Do I need an A/C outlet on my roof where the access point is mounted?
A: No, the unit is powered over the Shielded Cat5e cable. There is a power injector included that is plugged into a power outlet inside near your router. It injects DC power onto the cable to power the outdoor unit.

Q: Realistically, what coverage range can I expect? What exactly do you mean by 2000+ SQ FT?
A: We are confident you will be impressed, maybe even blown away by the range of this system. We're not kidding. We frequently get follow up calls or e-mails from our customers telling us they had no idea it would reach so far. Since WiFi is a line of sight technology, range is affected by obstructions such as trees and buildings. You will get the most range in an open area to a distance of about 1000FT from the outside unit, or maybe more. When dealing with trees or other obstructions, the range will be less. If there is a hard structure (fence, wall, or building) in between you and the outdoor unit, then you may not get a connection or all, or it may be unreliable. Keep these things in mind when considering the expectation of the WiFi coverage that this system will provide. We have found that 2000 SQ FT is a good average number of total coverage based on our own testing as well as customer feedback.

Q: Is the outdoor unit weatherproof? Do I need to put it in a weatherproof box?
A: The outdoor unit is completely weatherproof and designed to be mounted outdoors with no additional protection required.

Q: How big is the outdoor unit?
A: The outdoor unit is very compact measuring about 12 inches high (including antenna), and 1.5 inches wide. Don't let the small size fool you, it is equipped with the highest power WiFi radio available.

Q: Can I replace the antenna on top of the outside unit with a higher gain antenna?
A: Yes, you can, however you won't need to and really should not for several reasons: 1. You will be very impressed with the coverage of this unit in its stock configuration. 2. The stock configuration is already at the limit for FCC mandated WiFi transmission power limits for unlicensed WiFi. If you do want to use a higher gain antenna, you will need to purchase the antenna separately and it would be your responsibility to make sure any antenna you use keeps the system within FCC rules.

Q: Is there any signal loss in the cable? Should I use a shorter cable to maximize the signal?
A: There is no signal loss in the cable. The WiFi radio is built into the outdoor unit and directly attached to the antenna so there is zero signal loss. Any excess cable can be coiled up.

Q: What if I need a cable longer than 50FT?
A: We offer cable lengths up to 250FT, available for purchase separately. The 50FT cable included in the kit can not be exchanged for a different length or returned separately for individual credit.

Q: Does my router need to have detachable antennas to connect to this system?
A: No, the outdoor unit connects to a standard LAN Ethernet port which is on the back of most Internet routers. Look for a grouping of four or more jacks on the back of your router that look like large phone jacks. This is where the unit connects to your router.

Q: Is your outdoor WiFi system compatible with my modem or router?
A: The system is compatible with all makes and models of Internet modems and routers. All that is required is an available LAN Ethernet port.

Q: Can I put a password on the WiFi signal to keep my neighbors from using my connection?
A: Yes! The system supports encryption which allows you to password protect the connection. Instructions are included on how to do this.

Q: Does this system provide indoor coverage too?
A: Yes, you will definitely be able to pick up the WiFi signal indoors. It may also be used for increased indoor WiFi coverage but keep in mind the coverage area indoors will be much less due to walls and other obstructions.

Q: I can't mount the system outside or on my roof. Can I put it in a window instead?
A: Ideally, you want the outdoor unit outside for best coverage. If this is not possible or practical, you can mount it in a window facing the area that you want coverage. We include a large suction cup mount to attach the outside unit to the inside of a window. If this window has a metal screen, it should be removed because the screen would block the signal. Keep in mind that mounting in a window will provide less coverage as compared to mounting outdoors.

Q: Instead of mounting on a roof, I would like to run the cable underground to a pole or other structure to provide coverage in an area away from my main building. Is this possible?
A: The cable can be buried in loose, non-rocky soil. If the soil is rocky, it should be enclosed in conduit. We have cable lengths up to 250FT to support this type of remote mounting.

Q: How many WiFi devices can I connect to this system?
A: You can connect as many WiFi devices as your existing router and Internet connection will support. Any WiFi enabled device can connect including laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers, streaming media devices (Roku, AppleTV, SmartTV), and WiFi IP Cameras. There is no hard limit on the number of devices that can connect. A reasonable expectation would be 10 to 30 devices depending on your Router capabilities, Internet service, and the amount of usage by each device. If you need to support more devices or higher bandwidth usage, contact us for configuration assistance.

Q: How fast is the WiFi provided by this system?
A: The system uses the 802.11n WiFi standard which has a maximum speed of 150Mbps. The actual speed of your Internet will depend on the Internet connection from your Internet provider. This system will only extend your WiFi service. It will not make your Internet service faster than it already is.

Q: I have older devices that are 802.11b or 802.11b/g. Will they connect to your system?
A: Yes, the system is fully compatible with 802.11n, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11b/g devices.

Q: What else do I need to buy to get this working or mounted?
A: Nothing more is needed! This system includes everything you need to add Outdoor WiFi to your existing Internet connection. All cables and mounting hardware is included.

Q: I am in Canada or Puerto Rico. Can I buy and use your system?
A: Yes, the unit is certified and fully compatible with WiFi channels in use in Canada and Puerto Rico.

Q: Can I buy and use this system outside of the U.S., Canada, or Puerto Rico?
A: Yes, you can use this unit worldwide, however it operates on WiFi channels 1 - 12 only. Some countries also permit operation on WiFi channels 13 - 14. In most cases, this will not affect you. Also, the power supply is 110V AC so you may need an adapter to operate on the proper voltage in your country.

Q: What if I need help setting up the system or if I have trouble with it?
A: Technical support is included from JEFA Tech for one year. U.S. based phone support is available M-F 8AM - 4PM EST. We also have support available via e-mail if that is more convenient for you. The components also carry a warranty of one year from the date of purchase.

The system consists of a PICOM2-HP 802.11n Outdoor WiFi Access Point that is preconfigured by JEFA Tech for ease of use and to provide maximum outdoor WiFi coverage. The PICOM2-HP is mounted outside your building on the roof or in a spot that faces the area where you need coverage. If it is not possible to mount it outdoors, the second best option is to put it in a window facing the area where coverage is needed. A mount is included which supports both outdoor and window mounting configurations. The PICOM2-HP is a small device, measuring 12 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. Don't let the small size fool you, the unit is equipped with a high power WiFi transmitter for the maximum range available. The coverage is estimated at about 2000 SQ FT although the exact coverage depends on many factors. If you have a relatively open area, you will have maximum coverage and it may even be greater than 2000 SQ FT. If you have lots of trees or other obstructions, the coverage area will be less or may have some dead spots.

Connection to your existing router or modem is easy and requires only an available LAN port. The system is compatible with all makes and models of modems and routers. On the back of your modem or router, look for an open LAN port. Most routers have 4 LAN ports. If you have at least one with nothing plugged into it, you are ready to go!

The available LAN port on your existing router or modem connects to the included POE power injector which plugs into a standard 110V wall outlet for power. A Shielded Cat5e cable (included) connects from the power injector to the PICOM2. Power is not required at the mounting location of the PICOM2 since it is powered by the shielded Cat5e cable. This makes your installation simple and easy!

The WiFi signal can be customized in any way you wish including a custom SSID, and any open or encrypted configuration (WEP, WPA, WPA2). If you don't care about customization, that is fine too. The unit will work out of the box just by plugging it in, requiring no additional configuration.

The system includes:
  • Pre-configured PICOM2-HP 802.11n High Power Outdoor Access Point
  • Wall Mount / Window Mount Bracket
  • POE Power Injector
  • 50 feet of Outdoor Rated, Shielded CAT5e Cable
  • 5 feet of Indoor Cat5e cable
  • One Year Warranty
  • One Year of Technical Support
The system includes a 30 day money back guarantee, a 1 year warranty on all components, and 1 year of technical support included.