JEFA Tech WiFi Repeater Gen1 to XR PLUS Upgrade Kit



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Do you already own the JEFA Tech WiFi Repeater Kit for RV's?

This kit allows you to upgrade to the latest technology WiFi equipment while saving money by using the existing antenna and cable from your JEFA Tech WiFi Repeater Kit for RV's.  This is also a good solution if you have already permanently mounted your antenna and coax cable.

  • The outdoor WiFi receiver which is normally installed outdoors with the XR PLUS will be installed indoors instead, replacing your Cisco/Linksys hardware
  • Adapters and cables included to connect to your existing coax cable and antenna
  • Increase your system to the latest 802.11n WiFi hardware and speeds
  • Dual radios (separate receiver and indoor access point) greatly improve your system's speed and reliability

Parts that you will re-use from your WiFi Repeater Kit for RV's:

  • Outdoor fiberglass antenna
  • Coax Cable

Parts that you will no longer use from the WiFi Repeater Kit for RV's:

  • Gen1 Repeater Unit Hardware (Blue/gray box)
  • Power Supply