Cradlepoint IBR600C Mobile Broadband Router

  • $699.95


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The Cradlepoint IBR600C router is a semi-ruggedized compact router that provide wireless connectivity using cellular 4G LTE, 3G EVDO, or HSPA+ 

The IBR600C provides you with your own private, high speed WiFi connection for all of your devices wherever you roam within coverage of your cellular carrier.  This is perfect for always-on Internet in your RV no matter where you are, even when you are travelling down the road at highway speeds. 

How it works:

The IBR600C works just like a home WiFi router, but instead of a traditional wired Internet connection such as cable or fiber, it connects to the Internet over a cell tower.  It provides you with WiFi service and an Ethernet connection for your wired devices, just as you would have in a traditional home setting.  The connection is private to you.  This service requires that you purchase and maintain a data plan from your choice of cellular carrier.  Before purchasing, you should evaluate the plans and coverage that are available.


  • Embedded 100/50 Mbps Category 3 modem supports Verizon and Sprint with 4G LTE and 3G EVDO fallback
  • Multi-carrier software-define radios also support AT&T and T-Mobile with 4G LTE and HSPA+ fallback
  • Semi-ruggedized for industrial and in-vehicle applications
  • Extensibility
    • Supports Router SDK and NCM API
    • COR Extensibility Dock
    • Dual-modem support with MC400
    • 2 extra 10/100 Ethernet ports
    • 2×10 connector for extra GPIOs
    • 5 V DC 50 mA sensor power
    • Redundant power supply capable
  • Sleep Mode / Ignition Sensing