JEFA Tech Outdoor WiFi Distribution Remote Kit

  • $120.00


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This is an add-on to the JEFA Tech Outdoor WiFi Distribution Starter Kit

This remote repeater system is designed to provide additional coverage in remote areas of your property.  Place it in a location where it has the best line of site to pick up the signal from the access point on your main building, route the cable to a standard 110V outlet, and that's it!  This repeater will appear in your existing WiFi Cloud Controller account and will automatically start re-broadcasting your existing WiFi signal in the new area.

The system includes:

  • Dual Band Outdoor Access point for mounting outside in a remote location (UAP-AC-M)
  • Wall Mount Bracket (WMB)
  • Cabling for the Outdoor Access Point to a 110V AC power source (Shielded Cat5e with ground wire and ESD protection)
  • Pre-configuration and programming by JEFA Tech so it will be part of your existing WiFi Cloud Controller account


  • State of the art, modern, dual band WiFi equipment 802.11ac / 802.11n
  • Compact and discrete yet powerful outdoor access points (about 14 inches tall)
  • Can be mounted on a wall or pole. (Several mounting options included)
  • Mobile device coverage up to 600 ft from the access point - much greater range for those using stronger receiving equipment
  • Pre-configured and fully supported by JEFA Tech - 100% USA tech support


  • There is no software to install.  Nothing technical for you to configure.
  • Place it in a location where it has the best line of site to pick up a signal from the access point on your main building.  You can place the remote quite a far distance from the main unit as long as it has a clear line of sight with no obstructions between the main and remote antennas.
  • Run a cable from the outdoor access point to a weather protected 110V outlet

System notes:
For properties requiring more than three remote repeaters, please reach out to JEFA Tech tech support before purchase for help in planning.

The WiFi signal will go through a moderate amount of thin trees, but not a solid stand of trees or any solid objects such as other buildings or solid structures.  Coverage can be expected to a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) approximately 600ft away from the antenna.  In many cases, coverage will be much further than 600ft, but may be slower or inconsistent at fringe ranges.

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