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Long Range WiFi Repeater Kit for RVs

Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds

Price:See Below

Ships the same day when ordered by 2PM EST Weekdays.


Repeater Unit:
JEFA Tech WiFi Repeater Unit $89.95
No Repeater (To order replacement parts)

8.5dBi Portable Omni $49.95
15dBi High Gain Omni $99.95
No External Antenna $0.00

Antenna Cable:
10 Feet Long $26.30
20 Feet Long $30.60
30 Feet Long $34.90
40 Feet Long $39.20
50 Feet Long $43.50
No Antenna Cable $0.00


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Are you having trouble with weak WiFi signals in campgrounds? Why not bring your own WiFi repeater with you to boost your signal? This is the perfect solution for using your iPad, Android tablet, or laptop inside your RV!

Many campgrounds today offer free WiFi Internet, but you can only pick it up outside your RV and not inside where you really need it! It is very frustrating!

THE PROBLEM: WiFi is a "line of sight" technology. Many RV's have aluminum skins or bracing which block the signal. Even if your RV is fiberglass, there may be another RV parked next to you that has a solid aluminum skin, blocking your signal!

THE SOLUTION: A high gain antenna on the outside of your RV, above the roofline, with a clear "line of sight" to the campground WiFi. This antenna feeds the campground WiFi signal into the repeater unit which then provides you with your own personal WiFi hotspot in your RV and around your campsite. You connect just as you normally would with your computer's built in WiFi. There is no software to install. It works with all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) Multiple computers can connect to the repeater at one time allowing you to share the connection with your family or friends if you wish.

  • Connects to 802.11b/g and 802.11n* networks
COMPATIBILITY / SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: There is no software to install. The repeater is 100% compatible with any WiFi device including laptops, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices! It also works with wireless printers so that you can print to your wireless printer.

This is not just an ordinary Linksys router! Yes, this is Linksys router hardware, but what is "under the hood" is much different. We have installed our own custom build of firmware which provides this easy to use repeating function. By using trusted off the shelf Linksys hardware, it keeps our costs down so we can pass the savings on to our customers. Most importantly, we provide you with a full step by step instruction manual and one full year of technical support. In the unlikely event that you have any trouble with the unit, we'll be here to help.

Everything you need is included:
  • Wi-Fi Repeater Unit
  • 120VAC Power Supply (12 Volt DC options are available separately)
  • Your choice of high Gain Outdoor Omnidirectional Antenna (no pointing required!)
  • Your choice of length of antenna cable **
  • Instruction Manual
  • One year of tech support from JEFA Tech
  • Free firmware updates for this major version (2.x)
Setup and assembly in three easy steps:
  • Mount the antenna outside
  • Route the cable inside
  • Connect to the Repeater's WiFi signal and go through the configuration wizard
Available Antenna Options
8.5dBi Portable Omni (pictured)
This antenna is preferred by most campers because it is small and portable. It also features an easy tool-less mount for easy assembly and disassembly.
- 2500 Feet range under ideal conditions (outdoor line of sight, hotspot has outside antenna).
- Compact: 2 feet tall - easy to transport and store.
- Wingnuts for easy portable assembly without tools.
- Best for portable camping use.

15dBi High Gain Omni
This antenna is an optional upgrade for an additional charge. For those that want the longest range possible, this antenna is the best choice. The drawback is that it is much larger (5.5 feet tall) so it is a bit cumbersome to store and transport.
- 5000 Feet range under ideal conditions (outdoor line of sight, hotspot has outside antenna).
- Large: 5.5 feet tall - not as easy to store and transport.
- Best for permanent use.
- Standard nuts on mount (not wingnuts).

IMPORTANT - The repeater does not work with directional antennas.
We are posting this because we have had some customers purchase a directional antenna separately instead of using one of the omni-directional antennas that are recommended. The primary antenna must be able to communicate with both the remote access point and the clients it is serving. If a directional antenna is used, the repeater ends up repeating the signal back in the same direction and performance greatly suffers. We have performed extensive testing with directional antennas and IT DOES NOT WORK WELL. Please do not try to use the repeater with a directional antenna. You will not be satisfied with its performance.

*The repeater unit is 802.11b/g hardware, which also connects to 802.11n networks. Our repeater will connect to both 802.11b/g and 802.11n networks and repeat the signal using the 802.11b/g protocol..

**The antenna cable type is Low Loss 240 Flex. Note that TV or Satellite style coax is NOT compatible.

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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Repeater Review, 4.6.2013
Reviewer: Perley and Kathy B. (, )

Thanks for providing us with a wifi repeater that really works. We have an all metal RV (Bus Conversion) and getting a wifi signal inside is weak at best. Our winter home provides wifi and now we have it inside our coach for all our devises. two I phones,one I Pad and two windows lap tops . We also print wireless to our HP printer with your devise. We are happy campers !!!! I especially like the fact that you are a USA company and I am sure support is in perfect English and not farmed out to some overseas call center. The set up instructions are easy to follow and very complete. Thanks Again. Perley and Kathy B. ,Fairbanks Alaska.
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Even in Combat in Afghanistan!!, 6.11.2012
Reviewer: Derek (, )

Deployed to a FOB in Afghanistan, purchased this setup to assist with staying in touch with loved ones back in the states. I am a network engineer and this setup is flawless, thank you for such a simple plug and play solution, makes it so much nicer in austere operating conditions.
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 I couldn't be happier with my repeater!!!, 5.24.2012
Reviewer: Ruby Rishel (Canada, )

Even in canada eh!!!! My husband and I have a seasonal spot in Manitoba,Canada at little campground off the main highway in the sand hills. Our spot is at the end of the park furthest from the wifi tower with a repeater inbetween our lot and the tower! Although paying premium fees which I don't mind if it worked but our signal was low to none last year. I researched during the winter and jefa tech was my choice. I am so pleased with the result! We have full bars, 2 tablets and a laptop on most of the day with no problems. Anyone walking by and inquires what the large antenna is for, I don't hesitate to boast about jefa tech and their products because they really work. Thanks for making our camping more enjoyable!
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Great WiFi Solution, 4.10.2012
Reviewer: J Cleary (, CA)

We received our wireless repeater kit and I thought I'd set it up at home before taking it out to the RV. It so improved the wirless signal throughout the house and back yard that we just decided to leave it plugged in with the rubber duck antennae and then take it with us when we travel. Thanks for a great product.
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Jefa Long Range Wifi repeater - Clearly an excellent choice, 3.15.2012
Reviewer: J D Wright (Dallas, TX)

My wife and I work full time and own our own business and travel as much as possible by motorcoach. How long we can be gone from our office is dependent upon our ability to successfully connect to the internet and access our virtual private network. Campground wifi is generally questionable and connection via laptop is poor. As a backup, we have a Verizon air card. In October 2011, I happened upon a Jefa Tech article about their Long Range WIFI repeater. It sounded good, so I ordered it, connected the antenna to our Winegard crank up TV antenna and set the box up in the motorcoach. I had it up and working in about 15 minutes. I have been totally impressed with how well wifi connectivity is enhanced using the Jefa Tech wifi repeater. In areas and locations that wifi connectivity had been extremely poor, is now excellent. In parks with multiple wifi sites, it gives me the option of determining which site I wish to repeat, and it doesn't have to be the closes site which is usually the most active site. I have neighbors asking what is it we are doing, because they can see our SSID and can tell it is a very strong signal. The Jefa Tech Long Range wifi repeater is the best money I have spent on communications.

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