JEFA Tech Premium Coax

JEFA Tech Low Loss Series Coax features compatible performance and mechanical characteristics to cables from CommScope®, Times Microwave Systems®, Belden and Andrew®.

Low Loss 100 Coax
This micro sized coax is used for short pigtails requiring micro connectors such as MMCX, MC Card, MCX, etc. It is also used for internal wiring in access points and outdoor enclosures.

Low Loss 195 Coax
This coax is a high performance, low loss alternative to RG-58/U. It has a solid center conductor but is still very flexible. It is used primarily for short jumper cables runs.

Low Loss 240 FLEX / RG-8X Coax
Low Loss 240 Flex (RG-8X) is a high performance, low loss cable for use when small cable size and flexibility is important. It has a stranded center conductor for great flexibility. This is the cable used in our portable kits.

Low Loss 400 Coax
The most popular, standard "workhorse" cable of the wireless LAN industry. It has a perfect balance of flexibility and low signal loss. Amateur Radio operators, upgrade your shack to this higher quality, much lower loss cable today! It will dramatically reduce your signal loss on VHF and UHF compared to RG-8/U and RG-213. It will increase your receive signal and handle more power on HF.

Low Loss 400 Flex Coax
Low Loss 400 Flex is recommended for applications where the coax cable will be in motion, for example, beam antennas that are on a rotator, or patch cables to go from your patch panel to radio equipment.

Low Loss 600 Coax
High performance, Low Loss coax for installations were the lowest amount of signal loss is required.

JEFA Tech RG Series Coaxial Cable

JEFA Tech RG Series Coax is designed for Amateur Radio.

RG-8X Coax
JEFA Tech RG-8X / LL240 Flex is ideal for HF and VHF portable operation when small cable size and flexibility is important.

RG-213/U Coax
JEFA Tech RG-213/U is a very flexible, low loss coax cable which is ideal for general HF and VHF use. It is suitable for mobile applications, and it can also be used around a rotator.