WiFi - Campgrounds, Marinas, Public

For distributing WiFi within a Campground, Marina, or other public gathering place, JEFA Tech recommends the Ubiquiti UniFi line of WiFi Access points. With UniFi, you get full visibility into your WiFi network. You can see who is connected, how long they have been connected, their signal strength, and how much bandwidth they are using. This makes it easier to manage the network and prevents "bandwidth hogs" from stealing all of your bandwidth and making the online experience a bad one for everyone else. You also have the ability to charge customers for access if you wish, or provide time limits, for example if someone checks in for 3 days, you can provide them with 3 days of WiFi access as part of their stay.

UniFi is also more secure than standard WiFi Access points by keeping your guest traffic isolated from your office PC's and Servers. Guests are allowed to access the Internet, but nothing on your local network.

UniFi equipment is easily configured using a lightweight software application installed on a Windows PC. This can be one of the office PC's in your management office.

JEFA Tech provides planning, setup and support assistance with UniFi. Please contact us for details.